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Letter Spacing Menu
This menu randomly change letter spacing. If you onmouseover that will stop animation and onmouseout will restore. Degrading gracefully for older browser.
Created on: 11/01/2001

Scrolling Text
Scroll text with this script and have multiple speed. The scroll function don't scroll after the end of the text.
Created on: 11/01/2001

Blur Links
Using the document.getElementsByTagName collection to grab all links in our document, this tutorial show you how to remove dashed lines around those links when clicked.
Created on: 11/01/2001

Make Active Link
This tutorial demonstrates how to dynamically generate an active link, while at the same time blurring the link to get rid of the dashed lines. It is ideally suited to using with frames, the ScrollingPage and other similar script.
Created on: 11/01/2001

Images Fader Transition
This script use opacity filter to make a transition fading effect between 2 images. Degrading gracefully for older browser.
Created on: 10/31/2001

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