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Ajax Switch Menu
Ajax Switch Menu is a unique AJAX navigational script that expands the chosen menu item when clicked on while contracting the rest. It supports persistence so it remembers which menu item was last expanded and which submenu item was last selected.
Created on: 04/15/2006

News Ticker
This script display fading messages that pauses between each others . HTML is allowed.
Created on: 04/01/2006

DHTML Typer is a script that allows you to produce a typing message.
Created on: 03/31/2006

Active Rollover
This script ideally suited to using with frames or AJAX demonstrates how to create DOM rollover image with active state.
Created on: 03/30/2006

Slide-In Menu
This is a fully customizable slide in and out static menu.
Created on: 06/05/2003

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