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04/21/2017: For more than 11 years that I have not updated this site, I am surprised the number of visitors everyday. I wonder what I will do with this site. It's funny the bottom banners of Internet Explorer 5 and Netscape 6, as things have changed.
04/15/2006: Adding 1 new AJAX menu script Ajax Switch Menu.
04/01/2006: One more script that display fading messages: News Ticker.
03/31/2006: I just added 1 new script that allows you to produce a typing message: DHTML Typer.
03/30/2006: Adding 1 new script Active Rollover
06/05/2003: Today I just added 1 more menu script: Slide-In Menu
06/04/2003: I just add the tutorial The createElement Method to dynamically create an element.
06/03/2003: Adding 1 new menu script Switch Menu
05/28/2003: This site is officially reopened and completely rebuilt in ASP.NET
01/06/2003: One more tutorial to dynamically change form CSS, javascript validation with reset confirm message and optional fields: Form CSS and Javascript Validation.
01/01/2003: Adding a menu script to start the new year: Menu Bar.
05/28/2002: I just add 1 more script: Fading Tooltips to display tooltip box with fading effect and 2 tutorials: The Slide Method to slide layers and Printer Friendly to print content without some elements.
05/26/2002: Adding 1 script: Zoom Intro to zoom text then redirect users and 1 tutorial: The getElementById Method to access elements.
05/25/2002: One more script to drag'n drop DOM Windows by using the titlebar. Also you can minimize, maximize. or hide those popups created with Document Object Model.

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